What Does Psychology Club Do?

Psychology Club carries out several important activities during the year that benefit anyone interested in psychology:

Regular Meetings: Members of Psychology Club meet once a month for meetings that include speakers and activities designed to increase the professional awareness and knowledge of psychology majors.  Along with public meetings, club officers meet monthly for executive meetings, serving as the routine decision-making body of the organization.  Members and officers of Psychology Club operate under specific bylaws for the organization.

Volunteering Opportunities:  Along with academic success, it's important to have a resume reflecting volunteer experiences.  The Psychology Club looks to inform students of local volunteering opportunities by sharing some personal stories and ways in which to contact agencies.  There will also be group volunteering activities throughout the year aimed at getting the entire club involved.

Psi Chi: Psychology Club is closely linked with the local UNI chapter of the national honor society for psychology, Psi Chi.  Psychology Club officers must be members of the Psi Chi chapter and serve both organizations.  Not all Psychology Club members are eligible for membership in Psi Chi, but those who are eligible are encouraged to become members.  Consult the Psi Chi page for details on membership and the annual initiation ceremony.  Requirements for membership in Psi Chi include high grades and a minimum number of psychology courses.  Students usually apply for membership in their junior or senior year.

Graduate School Events:  A majority of graduates receiving a Bachelor's in psychology eventually continue their education (either immediately, or after working).  It is important for psychology majors to know what courses to take and what skills to develop in order to gain entrance to the highly competitive world of graduate education.  Don't wait until you're a junior to investigate these topics; sophomores and even freshmen can learn a great deal about preparation and application for graduate school through presentations at Psychology Club meetings.

 How to get Involved:

Everyone is welcome at Psychology Club meetings.  They are held the first Monday of each month when classes are in session and are open to the public.  Meeting topics are announced through periodic emails to psychology majors and minors and on the Psychology Club website.

For more information, email Katie Lee (leekao@uni.edu).
September 2013 Park to Park Volunteers

Above: Group volunteering opportunity at the Park to Park Half Marathon. 


The UNI Psychology Club is a student run organization that allows psychology majors and minors to build leadership and communication skills, while expanding their understanding and knowledge of psychology. Students gain these skills through officer positions, organizing events, and community service. Psychology Club also opens doors of opportunity to meet other faculty and students, while pursuing the field of psychology. Students become more well-rounded individuals and learn aspects of psychology that are not taught in the classroom. Come join the fun...be a part of Psychology Club!


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