April 1, 2013

  • GRE Prep through the ALC!
  • Fools 5K
  • Psi Chi Induction
  • Honors Week
  • MHI
  • Excellence in Teaching Award: Dr. Kim MacLin
  • Psych Club Service Award: Alexandra DeWitt
  • Gossip Session

Club Meeting 4.1.13.pdf Club Meeting 4.1.13.pdf
Size : 369.08 Kb
Type : pdf

March 4, 2013

  • NISG Run off--Candidates Presented Platforms
  • Relay for life--Paige Gaedke
  • QUASH--Sarah Turner
  • North Iowa Wishmakers- Sawyer Klein
  • Announcement of new officers
  • Research Opportunities
  • TA'ing/tutoring opportunities
  • Internships
  • Blue Zone Project--Sign Up 

Club Meeting 3.4.13.pdf Club Meeting 3.4.13.pdf
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UNI Psychology Club 3-4-13.pdf UNI Psychology Club 3-4-13.pdf
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February 4, 2013

  •  Volunteer Information: Boys and Girls Club and UNI Dance Marathon
  • Graduate Panel
  • Officer Applications for 2013-2014,
    Due 2/22/12 4p Baker Hall 334
  • Psi Chi Applications,
    Due 2/15/12 4p Baker Hall 334
  • Other Information
Meeting Notes-February 4th.pdf Meeting Notes-February 4th.pdf
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Type : pdf

 November 5, 2012

  •  The Gossip Session information will not be posted on the internet. If you have any questions on lecture/ exam styles please feel free to contact one of the officers and they will help you out

Club Meeting 11.5.12.pdf Club Meeting 11.5.12.pdf
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 October 1, 2012


Meeting minutes and Powerpoint presentation 

Club Meeting 10.1.12.pdf Club Meeting 10.1.12.pdf
Size : 399.81 Kb
Type : pdf
The Resume and Vita- Psychology Club.pdf The Resume and Vita- Psychology Club.pdf
Size : 191.003 Kb
Type : pdf

 September 10, 2012

  • Check out the minutes for our first meeting of the 2012-2013 academic year! The shirt design is show here as well!
ClubMeeting 9.10.12.pdf ClubMeeting 9.10.12.pdf
Size : 378.147 Kb
Type : pdf

March 5, 2012 

  • There are no official minutes for this meeting as we had a guest speaker talk about resume building and interviewing.  Check out the file below for more information:

Resume and Interviewing.pdf Resume and Interviewing.pdf
Size : 2853.751 Kb
Type : pdf

February 6, 2012

February Minutes.pdf February Minutes.pdf
Size : 114.747 Kb
Type : pdf

November 7, 2011 

  • There are no official minutes from the gossip portion of the meeting but below is the information for the Kaplan representative and Dr. Kim MacLin's discussion on LinkedIn and Careers in Psychology.  Please utilize the links below for more information on topics discussed at the meeting.
  • LinkedIn
  • Careers in Psychology
  • Kaplan Test Prep

November Minutes.pdf November Minutes.pdf
Size : 377.19 Kb
Type : pdf

October 3, 2011 

  • There are no official minutes for this meeting as we had a graduate school panel.
Vita and Personal Statement Information.pdf Vita and Personal Statement Information.pdf
Size : 85.365 Kb
Type : pdf

September 12, 2011 

September Meeting Minutes.pdf September Meeting Minutes.pdf
Size : 220.266 Kb
Type : pdf
September Meeting Powerpoint.pdf September Meeting Powerpoint.pdf
Size : 196.512 Kb
Type : pdf
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