Psychology Club Officers 2014-2015

Psychology Club officers from 2013-2014 and 2014-2015.
Pictured from left to right: Jacob Galema, Courtney Magner, Kelsey McLellan, Jessica Woodward, Aubrey Davis, Christina Nolte, Tiffany Anderson, Nicole Collins

President -Kelsey McLellan

     Kelsey is a senior this year, and this is her second year as a Psychology Club officer. Last year she was Vice President. Kelsey is a Psychology and Family Services double major. After graduation, she plans on getting a masters degree in social work. She has done research and has TA'd for professors previously. Kelsey is excited for Psychology Club this year and hopes to meet many new psychology majors!


Vice President - Courtney Magner

Courtney is a Psychology major and Biology minor, and this is her second year with Psychology Club officership. She plans to attend grad school in neurobiology and continue on doing research in the field. She was a TA for Intro to Psych last year for Linda Walsh. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering and being with her family. Psychology Club has opened many doors for her and has helped her decide her career path.


Secretary - Christina Nolte

     Christina is a senior this year and it is her second year as an officer for Psychology Club. She is double majoring in Psychology and Sociology with a double minor in Coaching and Educational Studies. Christina plans to attend graduate school for School Psychology, and has research experience with Dr. Benjamin Forsyth and Dr. Carolyn Hildebrandt. She volunteers as a junior small group leader at Candeo church, and currently works for the Black Hawk County YMCA. As Secretary of Psychology Club, she is excited to meet new members and encourage everyone to be involved.



 Psi Chi Liaison - Tiffany Anderson

         Tiffany is a Psychology and Criminology major and is a senior this year. This is her first year as a Psychology Club officer. After graduation, she plans on attending graduate school for clinical psychology. She is currently writing her thesis and doing research with professors on campus. Tiffany is excited to be a new officer and to meet new people!

Volunteer Coordinator - Nicole Collins

Nicole is a junior this year and this is her first year as an officer. She is a Psychology and Family Services major. In her free time, she takes ballet and line dancing classes. She is excited to share her dancing skills with Psychology Club.

Officer Testimonials

"When I started at UNI, I did not know what I wanted to do with my major. I knew there were many directions I could go, but I had no idea how to narrow down my options. The psychology courses here are great and helped to make my decision. Psych club has been influential as well, with topics such as resume/vita building, grad student panel, and the professor gossip night. I have met so many wonderful people through Psych Club, Psi Chi, and my various classes, and I hope that I can stay in touch with some and call them my colleagues later in life. I would encourage anyone who is wondering what to do with a Psychology major to join us in our meeting and make connections with other students. Or, if you know what you want to do, you can help others in their decision-making process!"

 - Jessica Woodward

"Psychology Club and Psi Chi have progressed my education in understanding the layout of a career path in psychology. It is a great way to not only meet future colleagues, but build personal experience and increase successful outcomes as well."

-Aubrey Davis

Psychology Club Advisers 2012-2013

 Dr. Rowena Tan, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Rowena Tan, B. A. (College of Wooster), Ph.D
(University of Minnesota)

Teaching Interests:

  • Social Psychology
  • Applied Psychology
  • History and Systems of Psychology
Professional Affiliations:
  • College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Scholarship Coordinator
  • Psychology Club co-Adviser
  • Asian Students and Alliances Adviser
         Dr. Michael Gasser, Professor of Psychology
        Michael Gasser, B.A. (University of South Florida), M.A. (University of Minnesota), Ph.D. (University of Minnesota

        Teaching Interests:
          • Psychological Statistics
          • Research Methods
          • Industrial Psychology
          • Psychology of Human Differences

                Research Interests:
                  • Understanding what factors influence the development of cultural tolerance and how cultural tolerance influences intercultural interactions.
                  • Development and exploration of applied individual difference measures.
                  • Increasing the effectiveness of teaching and practice in I-O Psychology.
                  • Understanding what factors influence the development of pay expectations and how those expectations influence behavior at work.


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