The purpose of Psi chi is to encourage, stimulate, and maintain scholarship of the individual members in all fields, particularly in psychology, and to advance the science of psychology.  To achieve these goals, Psi Chi offers a wide range of programs locally, regionally, and nationally.

Our chapter programs are designed to augment and enhance the regular curriculum, to afford opportunities for our members to use their talents in roles that are meaningful, and to promote interaction among fellow members, faculty, and other psychologists.  You will find the experience, fellowship, and recognition well worth your time and effort.

At the regional level, Psi Chi sponsors conventions in conjunction with the Regional Psychological Associations.  Psi Chi members are given the opportunity to present their research papers at these conventions and to receive the Psi Chi Certificate of Recognition for their Research.

The national organization holds a convention in conjunction with the American Psychological Association, sponsors undergraduate and graduate research award programs, and publishes a quarterly newsletter to keep members informed of Psi Chi's opportunities at all levels.  The newsletter is free to members when picked up at the local chapter, but there is a subscription charge for individual delivery.

Psychology Club v. Psi Chi

Psychology Club and Psi Chi are not the same thing.  The Psychology Club is a campus organization open to any UNI student with an interest in psychology, while Psi Chi is a national honor society that has its own qualifications and fees for membership.  At UNI, Psychology Club and Psi Chi share many commonalities and one must be a member of Psychology Club before becoming a member of Psi Chi, but membership in Psychology Club does not mean that one is automatically a member of Psi Chi.

It is also important to note that if one is seeking an officer position in Psychology Club, one must be a member of Psi Chi (members who are being inducted are also eligible).

Induction and Membership

Are you thinking about applying to Psi Chi?  Please check out the requirements and application process.
Stay tuned for information about the 2014 induction!

Have Questions?

If you have any questions about Psi Chi, induction requirements, or the application process please direct your questions to Psi Chi Liason, Tiffany Anderson or Psi Chi President, Kelsey McLellan.


Congratulations to the 2013 Psi Chi Inductees!

Tiffany Anderson

Katie Barkley

Ruby Barron

Morgan Beitz

Nicholas Caldwell

Jessica Conrad

Whitney Cook

Aubrey Davis

Lori Dove

Erin Evans

Sara Franzen

Miranda Grissom

Taylor Huinker

Breann Jarrard

Stephanie Kibby

David Knapp

Courtney Magner

Travis Mathias

Kelsey McLellan

Alexandria McNamee

Dara Mead

Janelle Merkel

Abigail Nedved

Christina Nolte

Aleesa Nutting

Corrine Rankin

Suzanne Songtag

Erin Stonner

Stephanie Strong

Haylee Taylor

Taisha Thornton

Micah Webb

Kaisee Weismueller

Michelle Wilke

Sarah Wood

Jessica Woodward

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